If you hire professional painters in Perth, you should get a fresh paint finish that will last for many years to come. However, some people are unaware that they will need to perform some routine maintenance from time to time to keep your paint surfaces looking great. In this article, we will show you how to maximise the life of your paint job and keep it looking fresh and clean.

1. Remove Dust from Paint

At Elite Painting as professional painting contractors, we often get asked to prematurely paint surfaces that only really need a good cleaning to bring them back to life. Over time, dirt, dust, and cobwebs can accumulate over your painted surfaces and leave them looking old and tired. This material is easy to clean away with a clean microfibre cloth and a long handled duster for hard to reach corners. If you dust your painted surfaces once every 2-3 months, you will notice that they look clean and fresh. Don’t forget to clean any wall mounted fixtures, such as photographs, paintings and candle holders at the same time as these will also collect dirt and dust deposits.

2. Washing Painted Surfaces

The walls and ceilings in areas, such as hallways, sitting rooms, and foyers, don’t collect much more than light dust and they can be dealt with using the technique shown above. Other areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, will have steam and cooking residue to remove and this will require washing. It’s important to think carefully about the cleaning solution that you want to use; certain household cleaners can peel and damage your painted surfaces. In most cases, a simple mixture of mild soap and warm water will be enough to wash the paint clean. If you have wood burning heaters or smokers in your home, you may have to wash down the paint at least a few times each year. Apply the soapy water with a clean microfibre cloth and rub gently until the surface becomes clean and finish by drying with a different cloth.

3. Touching Up Paint

It’s a great idea to hold onto leftover paint from when you last had your home professionally painted. This will give you a ready made palette of colours to touch up damage that may occur later. Avoiding the need to colour match paint to your paint scheme will save you hours if you need to repair a paint chip or other damage. Always carry out minor paint repairs quickly; this will lessen the chances of the damage spreading and making the painted surface worse. Fill and sand larger holes before you apply some fresh paint and then feather the paint in carefully to match the surrounding surfaces. It may be necessary to apply more than a single coat depending on the quality and type of paint that you’re using. Be patient, follow the directions carefully and make sure that the paint layer is dry before you add another coat.

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