If they are looking for the right painting contractors, Baldivis homeowners have to carry out some vital research first. Like any industry, the painting and decorating sector has reputable contractors and elements that you need to avoid. This is important; a poor quality painter can derail your home design project quickly, and their quality of work may be poor. In this article, we will look at four tips that will help you to find the right painting contractor for your next project.

1. Research Local Decorators

Before you ask for any quotes, it’s well worth doing some research on your local painting contractors. Check with friends, family and work colleagues for trusted referrals and look at their online presence. If you start to notice a pattern of good testimonials from satisfied clients you’re on the right track. Research your project requirements to better understand the processes required. If you know this information, you can better evaluate which contractors will be capable of carrying out the work to a high standard.

2. Always Hire a Specialist

It can be tempting to save money on decorating costs by hiring a local general handyman that you’ve used in the past. This is a mistake, painting and decorating is a task for skilled professionals, and it’s far more complicated than it may appear. Getting a high quality finish is extremely difficult if you hire people that don’t know what they’re doing. Decorating materials are expensive, so it makes good sense to protect that investment by hiring well qualified professional painters.

3. Get a Detailed Quote

It’s always a great idea to get three quotes from any contractors that you’re considering for any job. Make sure that the quote is detailed and you need a breakdown of every cost in writing in advance. This is the only way that you will be able to see where your money will be spent. This quote should cover all the materials and the labour costs to complete the job on time (more on this below). The quote should also include any other technical expenses, such as tool hire, scaffolding, and waste disposal. Always ask the contractor about preferential deals, the contractor may have a supplier that he can use to get a better deal for the materials. It’s expected that you pay a deposit, but don’t pay for the entire job up front and wait until you’re happy with the results until you pay the balance.

4. Get a Time Frame for the Job

It’s important to know how long the job will last and this can help you to save money. A decorating job that drags on for too long could cost you a lot more in labour costs. The order of painting is important, and a skilled decorator will work on other rooms while drying takes place. A skilled decorator will be more efficient so it’s often cheaper to hire a painting specialist with a higher day rate over a general handyman with less pertinent experience.

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