Before looking for mandurah Painters, it is a good idea to figure out the best colour scheme for your home. A colour scheme that is unique and stands out can help increase your property’s value. However, mandurah painting contractors understand that you will also want to consider your own tastes to create a comfortable and inviting home for you and your family.

Deciding on a Style

Every home is unique, so before choosing any colours you might want to consider the style and atmosphere that you wish to create. You may want to reflect a mood or personality in each room. For example, you might prefer the room to be warm, bright, cool, happy or relaxing. Choosing the colours according to the mood or atmosphere you would like to set in the room is an important factor. You may also want to keep a theme going that is already present in the existing furnishings.


The interior colours will differ depending on the existing lighting. Understand how the lighting in your home will affect the colours and how the feel, will assist you when choosing the right colour scheme. Using a colour palette and testing colours in the room that you are planning to paint will help you to get an idea of how the end result will look.

Room Size

Taking into consideration the size of the room is a good step not to forget. Do you want to create the illusion that the room is larger than it is? Or maybe you want to create a warm cosy atmosphere. But you don’t want to make a small room look even smaller. Generally, the light, cooler tones such as whites, blues and cream colours will create a spacious feel to the room. These colours will make the best use of light and create more depth in the room. Darker colours will do the opposite, creating a smaller and more closed in feel to the room. However, the warmer shades can create a nice warm and cosy feel to the room if that’s the result you prefer.

Room Functions

The function of the room might help when choosing the colour scheme. For example, a kid’s room might be a little crazier with fun and bright colours, but the living area is somewhere you may prefer to keep the colours more neutral. You might also like to create a cosy inviting atmosphere in a dining area with warm and darker shades.

Creating a Flow

Creating flow from one connecting room to another might be another consideration when choosing a colour scheme. You may not want too much contrast, or clashing colours between joining rooms, especially in an open plan area. This is when taking care to create similar tones from room to room might be something to consider.

You may already have ideas about what colours you would like to choose for each room. Painting contractors mandurah can assist with colour samples to avoid the risk of choosing the wrong colour. It’s always a good idea to take existing furniture colours into consideration to avoid clashes. If all else fails, professional advice can be extremely helpful when deciding on your new colour scheme. Painters mandurah can assist with any colour choices for your home.