According to Wikipedia, graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed on a wall or other surface in a public place. In reality, we know that it’s a habit that some people have that is an absolute nuisance, never mind being oftentimes insulting in nature, and downright irritating to remove. We are not talking about the wall or street art that artists use to express themselves with permission in public places, but the vandalising, often derogatory scribbles and sprays that are left on buildings by unwanted visitors.

Tips to removing graffiti

Is graffiti even removable? The short answer is, yes!  Here are a few tips to know when removing graffiti:

  • Safety First – many graffiti removing products and solvents are hazardous, so remember to wear a respirator and glove protection at all times. Wearing protective eyewear or safety glasses should also be used at all times.
  • Choose the right solvent – there are many graffiti removing products and solvents on the market. Make sure you use the right for the surface you will be working on. Consult your paint or solvent specialist if you are not certain.
  • Use the best tools – you will need to make sure you have the right tools and equipment for the job. Nylon brushes usually work very well but for particularly stubborn or stained graffiti you might need to consider renting or buying a pressure washer. Again, always consult a specialist in order to guide you as to the right tools and equipment needed.
  • Discard Rags – never leave flammable rags that have been used with the flammable solvents in your car or garage. Always discard of them correctly.

Graffiti removal is not an easy task, and it is recommended that you speak to your local painting specialists to assess the graffiti first and consult with you on options on how to remove it.

Once all the graffiti has been removed, it will be wise to paint on an anti-graffiti coating which will protect your business or home’s exterior walls and fences from falling prey to vandalism again. The anti-graffiti coating prevents graffiti from being able to stick or bond to it ever again.

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