When you hire commercial painters in Perth, it’s easy to disregard the weather as much of a factor for external work. After all, we get a great deal of sun, so does the time of year really matter that much? Actually, the weather can have a dramatic effect on how any painting project progresses, and commercial painters always consider the outdoor conditions before, during and after a project. Let’s take a closer look at how the weather conditions can affect your next commercial painting project.

The Effects of Warm Weather

We get a lot of warm weather here in Perth, and the sun will shine stronger and for longer in the warmer months of the year. Of course, this is changeable, and a great commercial painter will regularly check the weather to see how the conditions might change throughout the day. This is essential; painting in strong direct sunlight for any length of time is a bad idea because the paint may not dry properly. If it rains on a warmer day during painting this is also a problem, many people believe that Spring is an ideal month for exterior painting, but showers can easily ruin a new paint job. The paint needs time to dry naturally without hot direct sunlight and rain that will spoil the results.

The Effects of Colder Weather

During colder weather, there is often more wind to contend with, and this can also cause the paint to dry faster than it should. The paint will not be able to form properly and dust, dirt and other debris, could be blown onto the wet paint ruining the surface. Higher levels of precipitation in winter months can all damage wet paint, and this will lead to an uneven painted surface. If the temperatures are too cold, the paint may even dry too slowly, and it may not adhere properly to the surface.

Exterior Painting Tips

As we can see from above, it may seem that it’s very hard to get external conditions that are ideal for painting outdoors. Here are some exterior painting tips that may help.

  • Always start the painting on the side of the building away from the sun if the weather forecast is predicting hot weather with plenty of direct sunlight.
  • If the weather has been rainy for a prolonged period of time, you can check the surfaces that you want to paint with a hydrometer. This will tell you if the surfaces are dry enough to take the paint and dry without ruining your paint job.
  • Always hire a professional commercial painter to paint your exterior surfaces. It may seem tempting to carry out this work yourself, but painting outdoors is difficult to get right, and there are many external factors that can ruin the results. When you hire a professional, they will have the tools, experience, and knowledge to ensure that you get the very best externally painted surfaces that will last for years to come.

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