When business managers think about commercial painting for their building they can be forgiven for considering the possible disruption to their regular operations. This is natural, but it can be a somewhat short sighted mindset, and a fresh coat of paint may be extremely beneficial for your business. In this article, we will look at five benefits to your business when you hire a commercial painting company.

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1. A Fresh Start for Your Business

Every business goes through ups and downs over the years, and things can become stale. Many top companies will look at ways to reinvent and rebrand themselves to reinvigorate their company. When they hire commercial painters, Perth business owners can create a fresh new space that’s a perfect starting point for these efforts. A repainted building will look as good as new, and your employees, new clients, and existing customers can all enjoy a fresh start.

2. Improving Employee Morale

Every smart business manager wants their customers and clients to be comfortable in their spaces, but the employees need to feel at home too. After all, the employees in your business are there every day, and it’s important to keep morale high to boost productivity. Psychologists have written multiple papers on how different colours can affect the mental health, creativity, productivity and physical wellbeing of workers. We know that blue colours promote good moods and peaceful reflection and greener colours are a spark for creative thinking. The main colour to avoid is red, it can be overstimulating, and it can reduce analytical thinking in your employees.

3. An Invitation to New Customers

First impressions count for a great deal. If your business location is shabby, it can make potential new clients and customers less likely to use your company. A well presented building with a new coat of paint can help you to bring in new business, and it will encourage visitors to return in the future. Existing clients will also notice the difference; this will improve their confidence and make the relationship even stronger in the years to come.

4. Improving the Longevity

Over time, any part of your business location can start to look tired and dull. Painting your building is a great way to make things fresh and modern for employees and visitors alike. The newer your commercial building is, the more people will want to use it for longer, and this will improve the longevity of your business.

5. Increasing Property Values

If you’re thinking of relocating your business and you need to sell your existing building you want to get the best price. When a building is painted, the value of the property will be increased, and it’s far more likely that you will get a buyer to meet your price. Avoid using overly bold colours and stick to something neutral and more relaxing in your paint scheme. This will allow the potential buyer to imagine how they would add their own style to the existing paint scheme.

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