If you have never hired outside help for any home projects before, it can be a little intimidating. Once your quote has been approved for house painting and work is set to begin, what else do you need to do? While the main job will be taken care of by the professionals, there are still some things you can do to make the process easier.

  • Move all furniture away from walls

Prepare the rooms by moving all furniture that will hinder the painters from completing their jobs efficiently. Their purpose is to paint, so make sure they are able to spend their time painting rather than moving things around. If you have nowhere to store your furniture, simply place it in the center of the room away from the walls.

House painting is tedious as is, but if the painters have to stumble around a messy room, it is all the more difficult.

  • Remove everything off the walls and windows

While this may seem obvious, sometimes we become blind to the decorations we see each day. Make sure you take down all artwork and other wall decor before the painters arrive. This is also a great opportunity to check for wall damage from nails, screws, or other sources. If you have curtains up, consider removing these as well to protect them from paint damage and to open up the wall space around the windows.

  • Clear a pathway throughout your house for the painters

Remove any clutter from the hallways or rooms that the painters need to move through. It would be a true tragedy for a whole bucket of paint to spill and stain your carpet or floors. For safety reasons, ensure that there is a clean way for the painters to reach every room needed. There should also be enough room for any equipment like ladders to fit into the necessary spaces.

  • Clean the floors

Give your floors a good vacuum or sweep prior to the painters arrival. After moving your furniture, there might be large patches of dust or debris or forgotten treasures. Unless you want the painters accidently kicking up the dust and spreading it, clean the floors well.

  • Make arrangements for yourself, family, and pets

Know the days and times that the painters are planning to work and plan accordingly. Ensure that nobody needs to use the painting rooms during those times. Keep your pets away from the work areas. You don’t want loose pet hairs sticking to your fresh painted walls or painted paw prints tracked throughout your house.

Follow these helpful tips for an easier painting process, and enjoy the results. Each painting company varies in their process and requests. If there are every any questions, never be afraid to ask! Professional painters should always be open to questions about the process, and they should be able to give you guidance on how to best prepare your home.

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