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The majority of us think about walls and the ceiling when we think about paint, and perhaps that is because we rarely look down. Painting the floor can give your business the edge it needs and set you apart. Elite Painting has long since realised the benefits and has built a reputation for offering quality floor coatings in Perth. We don’t compromise on quality, slack on performance or ignore deadlines. Offering you, our valued customers, a quality service that helps add value to your business is at the core of our work ethic and philosophy. Contact us today for for a free qoute.

What is floor coating?

Floor coating refers to when a protective layer is applied to the floor. It is strong, resistant to degradation and bonds extremely well. It is commonly used in industrial environments and driveways.

Why you should consider floor coating

There are a variety of ways in which our floor coating services can help your business thrive. The primary one being that the appearance of a coated floor brings along with it many positive associations including cleanliness and an appreciation of aesthetics. What’s more, if your floor at home, in the office or even at the factory is chipped or littered with unsightly cracks it can be a health hazard, damage equipment and look tacky. That is why we offer home and commercial floor coatings Perth. These help to improve the longevity of your flooring and maintain a quality image for your business.



Health and safety is a major concern in Australia, and that includes your floors. Uneven or cracked concrete can increase the likelihood of trips slips and falls. Furthermore, it can damage any equipment that has to move across this surface. Enlisting the services of experienced floor painters will make your environment that much safer.


When was the last time you went into a factory, shop or any other environment and admired a chipped and dirty floor? Chances are never. That’s because we all appreciate facilities and surroundings that are well maintained, clean and polished. In addition, customers will make inferences about the quality of service, just from the cleanliness of the environment, which is all the more reason to ensure it is in the best possible condition.


It’s not just about being clean; cleanliness also prevents the spread of germs and harmful diseases as well as pests.


Our floor coatings do require occasional attention and maintenance in order to keep them in peak condition. However, due to the robust nature of floor coatings the need to clean or even repair the floor will be few and far between.

Contact us today and protect your floors against anything with our floor coating services in Perth.