When working through the look and feel of a space, paint selection for walls is something we would know about.   But did you know that you can also choose to paint your floors?  Perhaps you are more familiar with the term floor coating?

A floor coating is part of the paint family, and a great alternative to common floor coverings such as wood, carpet and tiles.  Depending on the style of homes and businesses you walk in to will determine if you have ever stopped to look at the flooring underfoot, as quite often, we are no starting at our feet.imagesimages

Around Perth, you may have noticed some floor coatings that help to give an industrial look and feel to a cafe, but did you know that they can perform another function?  Let’s take a look at what’s available, and what they do below. 

Different types of floor coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Popular in industrial settings, epoxy is a thick paint applied to concrete floors or substrate.  It can come in a range of colors and can have various qualities such as being heat resistant, chemical resistant (including water-resistant) or even impact resistant.  

Antimicrobial Floor Coatings

If you have ever walked into a medical building or space where commercial food production happens in Perth (like a kitchen in a restaurant), there is a good chance that the floor covering is Antimicrobial.   Part of the epoxy family, these floor coverings act as a deterrent to germs and bacteria as they contain a sow release antimicrobial agent.

Decorative Floor Coatings.   

Imagine if you want to create quite a statement by having something on the floor, like autumn leaves, gold flecks, or sand from the beach  – without the mess.

Using an epoxy base allows a floor to become a little creative and artistic to put a wow factor into either a commercial or residential space.  Some may even include a non-slip surface and be textured.  Think of a bathroom floor coating that uses smooth pebbles instead of tiles as a feature.

Anti Slip Floor Coatings

Perfect for wet areas, these also have an epoxy base and are textured to help with anti-slip properties.   The goal of choosing this is to provide a higher level of safety when the area is wet,  as the surface is designed to have grip, depending on what is traveling over the surface (humans or machinery).

If this is sparking your creativity, and you are looking for a floor coating in Perth that ticks a few benefits such  as

  • A safer option when it comes to the spread of bacteria
  • Easier to clean
  • Easier to maintain
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Then you may want to know about how we can help.

Whether you are looking to have sealed aggregate in your driveway (a type of floor coating), apply a coating to the area around your swimming pool, or tick of a health and safety concern in your home around hygiene, the team at Elite Painting can help find the right solution for you.

Servicing Perth and surrounding areas, if you are wanting to go down the path of decorating a surface to make it “more than a floor”, feel free to contact us.