A poor paint job can not only hurt your wallet but also your overall mood. It is draining to stare at messy walls, uneven colours, or mistakes inside your home day in and day out. There are endless choices of paint, materials, and tools. Where do you even begin? Take the guesswork out of the task, and consider hiring professional painters to get the job done right.

Give your home the care it deserves and make it feel like new again with a fresh coat of paint. Consider your colour choices and finishes, or consult with a painter to pick the perfect match for each room. Here at Elite Painting, we use the trusted Australian brand, Dulux, which is internationally recognised and a staple in this country for over 100 years.

What to Look for When Hiring Painters

There are a couple of options for painters in Mandurah and the South West, so it can be difficult to know which is right for your needs. Check out these helpful tips and questions to ask when you are on the hunt for a painting service.

1. Do they have the right certificates and licenses?

Ensure that the painter you choose is registered with the WA Building Commission Painters Registration Board. This verifies that they are legally allowed to provide you with painting services in Western Australian and is a requirement.

Another thing to check is that the business has insurance. Paint is a pain to get out of carpets and furniture and occasionally accidents happen. Liability insurance gives you a little piece of mind when letting others into your home to work.

2. Do they offer any consultancy services?

If you don’t possess a design bone in your body and couldn’t fathom to guess which colour would  look best in your living room, you might want to find a painter who can help. You can watch every season of The Block, but for some reason, home renovation seems much more difficult in reality.

At Elite Painting, our consultant is a fully qualified Interior Designer, who is happy to provide a free consultation for approved jobs above a certain value. Don’t attempt to pick between the thousands of different shades of blue or red alone. We’ll give you the option to test out a small selection of samples to make it easier to narrow down.

3. Is the company a Dulux Accredited Partner?

There’s not much out there to distinguish between businesses. A few Yelp reviews or personal stories from friends might be all you have to base your decision on, but for painters, look out for those who are Dulux Accredited Partners.

These certified partners meet the strict selection qualifications and were invited by Dulux to join. You can be confident that the accredited business has had their licenses and insurance independently verified and that they will uphold the Dulux Charter of Values of integrity and excellence. Elite Painting is proud to be a Dulux Accredited Partner.

Ready to Learn More?

You’ve decided it may be time to look into professional painting. The half-finished spare bedroom or faded kitchen walls are really starting to annoy you, but where do you start? You’ve already completed the first step and started to research more.

Next, you should look into painters in your specific location who can meet the requests you have, such as interior or exterior painting. If you lived in Mandurah, for example, you might search for Mandurah painting service or Mandurah interior painters. If you lived in Perth, you might search by your suburb to find more localised service (e.g. Leederville professional painters).

When you find a painter you are interested in, follow the helpful tips section to determine if they are worthy of your business. If so, contact them for a quote. It is always helpful to get a second quote for comparison, and at Elite Painting we will beat any genuine quote. If you’re ready to get started today, contact us online or via phone at 0404 681 371.