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What is Low-VOC Paint and Why You Should Consider It?

09/08/2023 By Mike Cotterill
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When it comes to painting your home or business, it’s important to consider the impact of the paint products you use on your indoor air quality and the environment. Traditional paints contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to your health and contribute to air pollution. However, low-VOC paints have lower levels of VOCs, making them a safer and more eco-friendly choice. In this article, we’ll answer the question of what is low-VOC paint and the benefits it offers. By the end of this article, you’ll be set up and ready to start painting.

What is low-voc paint

What is Low-VOC Paint?

Low VOC paints are a type of paint that contains fewer volatile organic compounds than traditional paints. VOCs are chemicals that can be released into the air as the paint dries, and they can contribute to poor indoor air quality and health problems. Low VOC paints have VOC levels of 50 grams per litre or less, while conventional paints can have VOC levels of 100 grams per litre or more.

Health Benefits of Low VOC Paints

One of the primary benefits of using low-VOC paints is their impact on your health. Traditional paints can emit harmful fumes and odours that can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and headaches. Low-VOC paints emit fewer toxic fumes, making them a safer and healthier option for you and your family. Zero-VOC paints are even better for your health, as they contain no VOCs at all.

Using low-VOC paints can also help improve indoor air quality, which can have a significant impact on your health. Poor indoor air quality can cause a range of health problems, including headaches, fatigue, and respiratory issues. By choosing low-VOC paints, you can reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and improve the air quality in your home.

Environmental Advantages of Low VOC Paints

In addition to the health benefits, low-VOC paints are also better for the environment. They release fewer harmful chemicals into the air, reducing your carbon footprint and minimising your impact on the planet. You can make a more sustainable choice for your home or commercial property and the environment by choosing low-VOC or zero-VOC paints.

The paint industry has made significant strides in recent years to reduce the environmental impact of paint products. Many paint manufacturers now offer low-VOC or zero-VOC options, and water-based paints are becoming more widely available. By choosing these eco-friendly options, you can help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals released into the environment.

The Expertise of a Professional Painting Service

Professional low VOC painters

Choosing the right low-VOC paint can be challenging, but a professional painting service can help. A reputable painting service will have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process of selecting suitable low-VOC paint options, colour selection, and proper application techniques for both residential and commercial painting jobs. They can also ensure that the paint is applied safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful fumes during the painting process.

When working with a professional painting service, it’s important to ask about their use of low-VOC paints and their commitment to sustainability. Many painting services now prioritise eco-friendly options and can help you make the most sustainable choice for your home. Some professional painting services are also accredited by brands like Dulux, who have a variety of low-VOC paint options which can make it even easier for you to choose from.

Dulux and Their Range

Dulux Low VOC Paints

As a company committed to sustainability, Dulux has a range of lower VOCs options to help reduce the environmental impact of its paint products. Their popular Dulux Ultra is self-priming, zero VOC and low-odour paint is ideal for occupied spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. Their stain and the scuff-resistant option of Wash&Wear is a great option if you have little ones or have an active household or business.

In addition to this, Dulux has also implemented a voluntary agreement in their industry where they carry out VOC reductions in their products, making them a great choice if you’re looking for more eco-friendly paint options.

Odourless and Quick Drying

Another advantage of low-VOC paints is that they are odourless and quick-drying. This means that you can safely occupy painted spaces shortly after completion without worrying about lingering fumes or odours. Low VOC paints are also available in various colours and finishes, making them a versatile choice for any home.

Quick-drying paint is handy for busy households, as it allows you to paint a room and quickly move on to the next project. Additionally, low VOC paints are available in a range of colours and finishes, so you can find the perfect paint to match your decor and style.

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Painting With Low VOC Paint

Answering the question of  ‘what is low-voc paint’ should set you up for making the right choice for not only your home or business but the environment. By choosing paint products with lower VOC levels, you can improve your indoor air quality and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Elite Painting, the Perth painters, is a Dulux-accredited painting company that prioritises low-VOC paints. We have the expertise to help you select the right products and complete your painting project safely and efficiently. Contact us today to create a beautiful and healthy interior painting done to both your home and commercial property that you can enjoy for years to come.