In our two-part guide, we are sharing how you can find the right painting contractor in Perth for your project.  Simply click on any of the headings below to skip to that topic & get our expert insights on finding Perth’s best painters.

We’ll be discussing the following:

  1. Who are the best painters in Perth
  2. What you should ask your painting contractor before works commence
  3. How to tell that you are choosing a quality Perth painter
  4. What are the benefits of hiring a professional painter
  5. What is the best time of year to paint


Let’s help you find the right painting contractors!

  1. Who are the best painters in Perth? 

Defining what best means to you is the first step in the process.  For some, “best” means the cheapest and fastest painting contractor.  For others, it means reputation and track record.

For the team at Elite, “the best” means providing quality mixed with personal service.  

Our director, Mike Cotterill started Elite Painting in Perth out of a desire to deliver just that.  He had worked for other companies and felt that this personal standard was missing.

It’s why Mike Cotterill has invested in training each painting contractor within the team himself to ensure that Perth painting clients receive consistent quality and personal service each and every time they deal with someone from Elite.

The team at Elite takes these standards from the very first interaction with prospective clients right through to the completion of jobs.

Standards that are upheld for both residential and commercial painting clients in Perth.

Being the best painters means quality products from paint choice through to the tools and machinery used on painting jobs, quality workmanship, and of course having a  track record of happy clients.

We strive to deliver this while keeping a personal and customer-focused approach throughout the painting process – from helping clients through color schemes and paint choices through to clean up and recommendations for care after the work is finished.


  1. Things you should ask your painting contractor before engaging them

When you are choosing a painting contractor, you want to start with the type of painting project that you are undertaking.

Projects for Perth Painters will fall into two categories – commercial painting for businesses and government or residential painting for homeowners and landlords. 

 Let’s cover questions that you can ask that will help you no matter what the focus of your painting project.

  • Do you have experience in this type of painting project?

Aside from the broader categories of commercial and residential, you may want to consider which painting services in Perth can deal with any special requirements.  

For commercial painting projects,  this may include specialized painting requirements such as Anti-graffiti coatings, painting for industrial floors that can provide health and safety benefits as well as working with interior design to create the right aesthetic for a business brand.

With residential painting projects, this may include working toward achieving a larger renovation project goal and ensuring that the look and feel is achieved for a home, or working with heritage homes where ceilings and walls may require extra attention.

  • Are you registered?

The best painters in Perth will be registered with the Building Services Board.  The Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 requires individuals and companies completing works valued over $1000 to be registered as a “painting contractor.”

This helps clients to choose legitimate trades and provides more protection if for some reason there is an incident during or after the completion of the works.

  • Are you qualified?

Qualified extends past certification.   Be sure to look at how they train their staff, what are their emergency procedures, what paints do they choose, how do they stay up to date with the latest technology, trends and practices.

  • What insurance coverage do you have?

Residential and commercial insurance requirements can differ, so be sure to ask what is covered, and also what is not covered.  This includes checking on any workmanship warranties that are provided on their work.

  • Can you provide references?

Ask to speak with previous clients to find out how their experience was, what the site clean up was like, and whether time frames were upheld.

  • What is included and excluded in your process?

Talk to your painting contractor about what state their rooms or space need to be in before the painting team arrives, how surfaces are dried, and what happens should they come across a problem.

The more you ask at the start, the better.

  • Why did you start your business?

This is where you can find out if your painting contractor has a passion for their works.   It will help you to know whether you are aligned in your definition of “the best”.


  1. How can I tell I am getting a quality painter?

Aside from ticking the boxes above, be sure to look at their portfolio of work, and really ask about the guarantees that they provide for their workmanship.

Check which products they use, and why they use them.   Your painter should have experience and knowledge that matches your Perth painting project.

A quality painter will invest in good quality paints and tools to complete your project and be up to date with techniques and technology.

Their portfolio of works will also help you gain an understanding of their standards, and the areas in Perth where they have completed projects.

For example, if you are undertaking a residential renovation project in the Perth Hills area, you may want to ask them what they recommend for both exterior and interior paints, and what challenges they have found with homes in that area before, and what solutions they recommend.


  1. What Are the benefits of hiring a professional?

Residential painting can be seen as a fairly easy task, yet DIY’ing is not always the right option.  Here are a few ways that choosing Perth’s best painting contractors can be the right move:

  • Quality finishes add value

It’s not just about cutting into the corners.   A quality finish means the workmanship will show, and if you are looking at renting out your home, or getting it valued, this can make a big difference.

The same goes for commercial projects.   Choosing the right finish will make a difference in how your business is perceived by your customers.

  • Get the right aesthetic for your space

A professional painter will be able to guide you through color choices.  They will take into consideration the style and mood you are wanting to create, how the light will play a role, and also the overall flow and impact from other viewpoints within your building.

  • Insurance & safe work environment

Get peace of mind when you deal with a team of professional painting contractors.  Unfortunately, accidents do happen on the DIY front.  Professionals have the right equipment, tools, and insurances to get the job done.  Whether it’s from having scaffolding and ladders or using extractor fans to deal with any paint fumes or dust, a professional already has this covered!

  • Problem detection & prevention

Perth painters with experience know the ins and outs of different suburbs in our city.  When working on a project, professionals can identify if there is an issue with a wall such as a mold, and provide advice on specialist paints to treat and deal with the problem.


  1. What is the best time of year to paint?

This depends on whether you are painting the interior or exterior of buildings.

Generally speaking, early summer or autumn are the best times as temperatures are more consistent throughout the day, and rain is less likely.  This means the paint can be applied smoothly and cure properly.

This isn’t to say that painting can’t be done during cooler months (for interiors).

Thanks to tools and technology, heaters and fans can be used to help get the right finish inside and have your space ready when you require.

Part two of our ultimate guide will be sharing features on how to care for your paint, how much it will cost, and how to choose the right colors.

Contact Elite Painting today for any painting questions and advice for your next project.