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Strata Painting Maintenance – Why Is It Important?

24/04/2023 By Mike Cotterill
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Maintaining the appearance of a strata building isn’t easy for strata managers and owners, especially when it comes to the paintwork. It can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have to get a commercial painting team to do the work, not to mention having to work out the cost of potentially having them do the ongoing maintenance too. 

However, regular painting upkeep is essential to ensure the property’s physical appearance is attractive for potential tenants and buyers as well as being protected from damage caused by weather along with a variety of other factors. In this blog post, you’ll find out what is strata painting, and the benefits of regular painting maintenance and we’ll give you tips on how to maintain your strata property.


Strata Painting Maintenance

What is Strata Painting?

Strata painting is the act of colouring the outside of a strata building – a multi-unit residential or commercial building where each individual place is owned separately. Within a strata building, the overall complex common areas like the outside garden, parking, pool, foyer and lifts are all in the hands of the strata manager.

This also means that they have to make sure that the strata exterior paint job is looking sharp and the building looks welcoming both to residents and potential tenants. It can also up the place’s value if you were to ever sell. 

Benefits of Regular Painting Maintenance for Strata Buildings

One of the best things that come from regular maintenance is that it creates a nice place to come home to your tenants. A freshly painted building looks clean and inviting, which can even cause new ones to come around. A regular schedule can help maintain, sometimes even increase, your building’s value because you’ve avoided deterioration on the outside of it.

Another benefit of regular maintenance is the added protection from the weather. Exposure to things like the elements can cause the surface of a place to wear down and fade, which can not only end up with you losing a lot of money to repairs but also lead to devasting structural damage. Most paint nowadays has additives that can help resist UV wear and tear, along with cracking and peeling.

Strata Building Maintenance

How to Find a Reliable Professional Painter for Your Strata Building

Finding reliable strata painters can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know where to look. However, we have a few tips to share with you to help to find your perfect strata painting service.

Firstly, research is your friend when you begin the search for potential services. Look at previous reviews, portfolios, and testimonials from old clients.

Secondly, check if they have the right licensing and insurance necessary for strata painting. They’re dealing with the outside of an entire complex, things could get dangerous.

Lastly, call at least three different painting services for a quote and do a comparison. This is your money you’re going to be spending after all, and it’s always nice to know what’s going to be included.

What to Expect During the Painting Process

Before the painting process can begin, the professional strata painters will do an inspection of the building, doing their own checks for issues.

Then it’s time to prepare and prime. They’ll clean, sand, and fill any cracks or holes they find and then prime the entire surface.

Then, with the paint you’ve chosen, they’ll begin.

Painting the Strata Building

Tips for Preparing Your Strata Building

To make sure the painting process goes smoother, there’re a few things strata managers and unit owners can do to prepare.

First, let everyone who lives in your building know what’s going to happen and what the expected time frame is. It helps to settle potentially ruffled feathers and allows them to make other arrangements if they need to.

Next, get things out of the way of the exterior. It makes things easier for painters to actually get started without having to shift furniture, potted plants or bikes out of the way first.

Finally, make sure that all your windows are shut to stop paint from dribbling inside. It can happen but whilst you may like the colour you picked, the elderly couple on the second floor might not. So it’s just a good idea to make sure everything stays shut.

Recommended Painting Schedule for Strata Buildings

A lot can influence a maintenance schedule, especially if it’s to do with paint, like the environment, the weather, the location and even the paint you use. The general rule of thumb for strata building maintenance is every five to ten years, though getting a professional painter to inspect can always help in figuring out a timeline.

Get In The Professionals With Elite Painting

Regular painting maintenance is essential for strata buildings to keep things looking pretty and keep an eye on potentially damaged spots; the increase in value helps too. Upholding a regular schedule and finding professional strata painting services that work for you allows you to know the true extent of your building’s health and what you need to prioritise. Elite Painting is Dulux credited and our professional  Perth painters have the expertise to get your property’s paintwork back up to par whilst still giving you quality work. So get in touch and you could end up with what could be an entirely new paint job.