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On Trend Paint Colours 2021

01/02/2021 By Mike Cotterill
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Adding a touch of colour, freshening up the walls with new paint, or adopting a different style and colour scheme can breathe new life into any home. Alternatively, if you are looking to paint a commercial or office space, the same design principles apply or can be easily adapted. Read on to find out what some of the leading voices in the world of design predict will be the popular colour schemes and on trend paint colours 2021 brings.

On Trend Paint Colours 2021: Interiors

With the turbulence and uncertainty that characterised most of 2020, there is no doubt that many of us have felt the need to make our homes a sanctuary. As we are now spending more time inside our homes, it is important that we make them spaces that we feel content with and comfortable being in as the lines between work, family, and play are being blurred. 

Whether you are building a brand new home or wanting to refresh the space you are in, the right shade of paint can be just what you need to achieve a certain aesthetic. These are the interior paint colour schemes trending in 2021.

  • Neutral grays: A classic wash of gray or greiges sets the tone for other elements or colour accents in a room to stand out. While being a colour that invokes a sense of calm and clarity of mind, grays also help to create an aesthetic that feels soft and contemporary.
  • Deep blues: Stormy, ocean blues pair well with greys and whites to bring a sense of tranquility and class to any interior. Contract darker hues of blue with a light and softer palette to invoke a certain elegance.
  • Earth tones: Warm reds, tans, yellow, and gold shades offer a comforting sense of richness and warmth, ideal for a living room or personal workspace.
  • Warm neutrals: Bring the outdoors inside with a blend of earthy shades and warm neutrals. Decorations and elements made of a natural material like timber can tie everything in a space together. Use lighter furnishings if you are after a more vibrant space with a playful use of colour.
  • Luxurious Greens: Mossy and sage greens will be featured in many interior design looks this year, as people look to nature for comfort and with reflection. Accents of yellows, turmeric, and citrus hues further explore the influence of plants and flowers.
  • Retro hues: Bring a sense of 70s nostalgia and energise your space with bold yet less saturated hues. Neutral whites work well as a background to help other pops of colour stand out. Retro shades also pair well with the trending neutral and nature-inspired hues in 2021.

On Trend Paint Colours 2021: Exteriors

The exterior of your home or commercial space has the power to create a strong first impression. Not only can an exterior paint project revitalise its overall appearance, but it can also add value to a property if you intend to sell. Here are the exterior on trend paint colours 2021 has to offer.

  • Grays and Greiges: Dulux recommends shades Tranquil Retreat, Dieskau, Teahouse, and Timeless Grey from their Weathershield range to complement natural exterior decorations and elements like timber, natural stone, brick, and concrete.
  • Primary Colours: Adding a pop of primary colours on a front door, window frames, trims, or even a letterbox will accentuate your home’s personality.
  • Crisp Whites: A staple for any exterior design, accentuate architectural designs with pops of white. 
  • Earthy tones: Sage green, moss, terracotta, and mustards plays with the natural  surrounding landscapes and textural elements of your home or commercial space. 

On Trend Paint Colours 2021: Feature

In essence, the colours that will be seen everywhere in the interior and exterior design world this year are predicted to be natural greens, vintage hues, warm reds and browns, calming blues, and neutral grays, and bright or warm whites. These are a great starting point from which you can create a personalised colour scheme or aesthetic. 

How to achieve specific design styles using paint

If you have decided to try out one of the shades that are trending in 2021, make sure to take into account the existing architectural and design elements in your living or commercial spaces. Consider things like how the colour of a fence, roof, window trims, and permanent ornaments will affect your choice of colour scheme.

If you decide to go after a specific style that you feel more drawn to, the key is to make every element in the room or building cohesive. Having the right colour scheme to unify the furnishings, decorations, and wall colours in a space can make all the difference. Here are a few ways you can pair on trend paint colours 2021 to achieve specific styles.

  • Hamptons: Create a sense of elegance with soft blues and greens, neutral grey, sand and warm whites.
  • Rustic: Indulge in rich reds, warm browns, golds, tans, and beige. Accentuate with deep greens, mustards, and rich blues.
  • Scandi: Using a warm white as your canvas, layer colours like charcoal and greyish blush or blue for an understated style.
  • Modern: Incorporate subtle, dark, and cool greys. Add pops of bright white on trims or large washes of monochrome colour to unify this simple yet elegant palette.

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