Have you noticed that your home is looking a little worse for wear, maybe in need of a little TLC but you’re not quite sure where the line between renovation and remodel is? Or even what renovation classifies as?

To the Macquarie Dictionary, to renovate means to ‘make repairs or alterations to an existing structure.’ This can mean fixing damages or updating components, finishes or decor and even upgrading your property’s energy efficiency. Overall, renovation is there to help with home improvement but also aims to update its aesthetic, therefore, increasing its overall value and longevity.

Renovation vs Remodelling? 

Is Painting Considered Renovation

If you’re still a little confused about the difference between renovating your building and doing a home remodel, we’re going to further break it down because whilst they’re often confused with each other, they have a few key differences that are important to know.

Remodelling typically involves more significant changes to an already existing structure to not only the layout but the home’s functionality and design of a space. This can include adding or removing walls, maybe for a home office, changing the doors or popping in a few new windows, updating the electrics and plumbing or just completely redesigning the interior. They can vary in scale and difficulty, from minor renovations to structural changes that require not only a lot of construction but a fair amount of planning before you start. 

Renovation is changing things on a surface level. Changing the colour of your tiles, popping in new flooring, putting a splash of new paint in your bedroom or living room and changing the light fittings in your bathroom, all of those fall under the term. Mainly, they’re about improvement. Whether increasing the property value or the quality of life for the inhabitants, it doesn’t really matter as long as it improves the home in general. 

What Does This Mean For Painting?

Outside House Renovation Painting

What it means for painting is that because it not only improves the monetary value of the property but also the inhabitants’ quality of life, painting is considered a form of cosmetic renovation. So, if you’ve been wanting to change the colour of the wall you’ve been hating because you don’t know what to do, go take a nosey at some swatches and see what you like.

Project Considerations

Even if it’s considered cosmetic renovation, there’s still a bit of information gathering you have to do with general admin before commencing on any house renovation painting or renovation in general. These can include:

  • Checking with your strata manager or landlord: Living in a rental property can make it difficult to make any significant changes to the space you’re in. They have the final say with anything to do with any project, down to the colour choices and what walls can be painted so be crystal clean on the guidelines just to make sure. 
  • Permit requirements: Painting doesn’t generally need a permit, especially if all you’re planning to do is the inside or external walls of the building and you aren’t making any structural changes or alterations. Permits are needed for any major renovations so keep that in mind if you’re deciding on what type of aesthetic appeal you’re trying to achieve.  
  • Insurance policies: All dependent on what type of renovation projects you’re planning, insurance policies can be put in place to protect not only you and your property but also any professionals that you decide to bring in.

Getting To The Painting Side Of Things

Renovation Painting

So all the paperwork has been completed, you have your new paint picked out and which area you want to start with and you’re standing there staring at the job in front of you realising just how much work you have to do. Now would be the time to decide whether or not you think that you could do a good job on your outside house renovation painting project or it would be worth calling in a professional painting company.

Interior painting can be fun, for one wall, maybe two, but when it comes to a mass-painting job in a new place or a recently built home or business, sometimes getting the professionals in can make it easier for you to focus on other details. 

Professionals are especially something to take into account if you aim to make any significant capital improvement to your property. Whilst doing it yourself may help with renovation cost, a professional painting company can up that aesthetic appeal and finish the job with a skill and expertise that you, yourself, may not have.

Hire Elite Painting Services

House Renovation Painting

If you have decided to bring in the professional and you’re in the Perth area, why not call in Elite Painting? Not only are we a team of skilled Perth painters and the top choice for your painting needs in Western Australia but we are also Dulux certified which not a lot of companies have.

Whether it’s a small project like repainting a single room with persistent mould issues, like a bathroom or revamping the living room, or a full scale brick house renovation painting, we’ve got the experience and expertise to tackle it all. We take pride in providing our customers with high-quality workmanship, regardless of the size or scope of the project. Don’t settle for less when it comes to cosmetic renovations – choose us for exceptional results. So give us a call on 0404 681 371 and you’ll have your dream home painted in no time.