Before your professional painters arrive, there is some work that you need to do to prepare your space. It is a good idea to start preparing well ahead of time so you can be ready for the painting crew. Our guide on how to prepare for professional painters will help make sure you get a successful and professional paint job. With tips on topics such as protecting your furniture and cleaning your surfaces, you can be confident about getting a finish you will be proud of.

Guide to preparing for professional painters

1. Make a list
The first step of your preparation is to note down all the areas of your home that the painters will access and remove any potential hazards. Knowing how to prepare for professional painters and planning accordingly will ensure things run smoothly. You can also list the number of tasks you will need to do in each room or on each surface. This will give you a good idea of how many materials and tools you need to compile, as well as how much time you need to spend getting the room(s) prepped for the professional painters.

2. Protect your furniture
Your painting contractors will need a lot of cleared space to work. If a room that will be painted has any furniture, make time to move them to the centre of the room. The painters will put drop cloths on the floor and over furniture to keep paint off them. A bit of rearranging is especially important if you are getting your walls painted.

While you can leave furniture in the room for your painters to cover, think about how much space the crew will need to put down their tools or set up ladders. Plan ahead and move the furniture to a different room if needed for a seamless painting process.

3. Clean your walls
Over time, dirt and stains will accumulate on your walls. This is normal and wall-cleaning should be part of your home maintenance. Paint will not adhere securely to dirty walls and could chip and flake away. So to make sure that you get the most out of your paint and help it last, you should always remove debris and dirt off your walls.

You can easily do this by using a surface cleaner and microfiber cloth to wipe down dust and pet hairs, while some diluted dishwashing liquid will work better on tougher stains and grease. If while cleaning you find some cracks or damage to the surfaces, you may need to patch things up before the painters can begin. Otherwise, if a crack is too wide or deep, it could become worse over time.

4. Electronics
In the hour that you are expecting the painters, unplug any electronics in the room to be painted and put away cords. For those electronics that have to remain plugged in, make sure to mark them and let your painting crew know before they begin.

5. Ventilation
Before your pro painters arrive, open the doors or windows. While modern paints have little odour and can be quick to dry, you should still practice caution. Dust from everyone walking in and out and paint fumes (especially spray paint) will build up unless there is proper ventilation. Leave the windows slightly ajar while the paint is drying as well.

6. Other things to consider
For the painting project to go seamlessly, you should take into account a few other things. For one, you might want to designate the painting crew to a specific restroom, arrange for any pets to be out of the house, remove window treatments if you can, plan for someone to be in the house when you need to leave for a time, and put personal items and breakable objects in a safe place.

7. Speak to your painting crew
Your painting contractors are the best people to ask how to prepare for professional painters. They should provide you with a transparent quote and a brief on how the job will go so you can plan well ahead.

Getting the painting job done well

Now that you know how to prepare for professional painters, be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete the preparations. With careful planning and by hiring the painting service of experienced painters like us, you can expect a high quality finish and minimal setbacks.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team to find out what some of the best painters Perth has can offer you. We offer free detailed quotes so you know what to expect.