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Driveway Painting Perth

13/08/2021 By Mike Cotterill
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Driveway Paint

Often when people renovate their homes or rental properties, the driveway is not a priority and is often overlooked. However, it can be quite a beneficial thing for your home if you remember to refresh your driveway paint. One reason to apply a new coat of driveway paint is that it can extend the life of your driveway while increasing your home’s value. And you don’t have to do much to get your driveway looking like new – just get the right people for the job. To learn more about the benefits of a driveway paint refresh and what you can do to achieve a professional finish, keep reading.

Benefits of a driveway paint refresh

There are plenty of reasons for a homeowner to give their driveway a fresh coat of paint. Below we have listed the many impacts that re-painting an old concrete driveway can have on increasing your home’s street value or curb appeal.

  • Versatility: painting offers homeowners the ability to choose from a wide range of paint options in a variety of colours. This means you could get weather-resistant paint in navy blue to fit the trims of your home, for example, bringing a sense of harmony to the overall property.
  • Resistant to degradation: driveway paint is by itself extremely weather-resistant and is an investment that can stand the test of time. You could buy specially treated paints for your project. 
  • Non-absorbent: painting your driveway with concrete paint or a similar coating option ensures that petrol or oil stains will not be absorbed into the driveway. This keeps the structural integrity and image of your driveway looking great for a long time.
  • Cost-effective: the cost to pave or lay a new driveway can be quite an investment, so you might opt to paint your entire driveway instead. 
  • Maintenance-free: occasionally refreshing your driveway paint keeps it looking and performing at its best for longer. This means that it will require little to no intervention and maintenance from you or a professional painter for a long time.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: any driveway surfaces are prone to develop unsightly cracks, oil stains, and as well as tyre marks. But if that happens, simply give your driveway an instant face-lift by painting it. However, if there is significant damage to your driveway, it is best to consider replacing, washing or fixing it before continuing with a driveway painting project. Once underlying issues have been resolved, giving your driveway a fresh coat of durable paint can greatly improve the look of your home and give it an extra dose of curb appeal.
  • Increase your property value: on the topic of curb appeal by re-painting your driveway, it gives you an immediate return on investment. Not only can you feel confident about its durability driving over it every day, but you can also see the effect it has on making your house and property appear more expensive, hence increasing its selling value.

How to paint a concrete driveway

Most homes in WA will have a concrete driveway as they are made out of a low-maintenance and weather-resistant material. 

To upgrade the look and performance of a concrete driveway by yourself, you need to first move your car outside, get rid of any debris, then scrub the surface with some diluted etch primer. Allow the primer to sit for 10 minutes then wash it off.

Make sure to protect all the surfaces you don’t want to get paint on with masking tape or painter’s tape. Then, to get the paint looking even on a rough concrete surface, give your freshly cleaned driveway a first coat of paint. The first application should be using a mixture of 100mls of turpentine for every litre of paint. Wait at least 16 hours before the first coat then top it off with a second coat of undiluted paint. You also need to give it 7 days before driving your car back over it.

How long does concrete driveway paint last?

Once you have refreshed your driveway paint, you can leave it alone for 1 to 2 years or longer depending on the weather conditions in your area and the vehicles driven over it. You might choose to use different techniques when upgrading an old concrete driveway. Integral colouring admixtures can last a long time, while chemical-based concrete stains are great for subtle hints of colour or unique design accents. 

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