Does Anti Graffiti Paint Work?

Graffiti can be a work of art, a bold statement, or a deliberate decorative choice at the right time and place. However, not everyone can be a graffiti or street artist. Abandoned property, shops, and back alleys are often “tagged” using cans of spray paint by amateur taggers or those simply intending to vandalise. If left untreated, the build-up of graffiti vandalism can negatively affect the reputation of a business or community. As many will testify, graffiti removal can be a time consuming and costly process. However, by priming your walls with the right anti graffiti coating, you can easily wash off graffiti from many different types of surfaces. If you are still wondering “does anti graffiti paint work?” then keep scrolling to learn more about this highly effective, protective coating.

Benefits Of Anti Graffiti Coating

In general, anti graffiti coatings help prevent paint (and graffiti) from adhering to walls by forming a protective surface, making for relatively easy removal of graffiti. This protective coating is without a doubt a wise choice for keeping your storefronts, wall art, fences, and most types of other surfaces safe from graffiti vandalism. But did you know that this anti graffiti coating is also an investment that comes with a host of long-term benefits?

  • Effective protection that lasts
  • Quick, easy removal of graffiti vandalism
  • Resistant to solvents used to remove most types of graffiti (e.g. spray paint, permanent markers, and inks)
  • When applied by an expert, the dry clear coating is invisible to the naked eye
  • Suitable for a range of budgets
  • An investment that lasts up to 4-5 years
  • Protects surfaces from harsh UV damage, corrosive effects of rain, build-up of mold and rust
  • Perfect for any surface, interior and exterior

So does anti graffiti paint work? Absolutely. As seen in the benefits listed above, investing in an anti graffiti coating for your walls and surfaces makes the graffiti removal process much simpler while providing many immediate and long-term benefits. With these in mind, keep on reading to find out more about the types of anti graffiti coatings available on the market, and discover which is best for the surfaces of your property.

Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coating

Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve any altars. Rather, sacrificial anti graffiti coating is an impermanent protective coating that forms a waxy, clear coat of polymer or acrylic layer when applied. To remove graffiti vandalism from the pre-coated wall, you won’t need any harsh, chemicals that release toxic fumes. Instead, you can simply wash the affected surface with a wet, soft-bristled brush or a high-pressure washer (1200 psi). This graffiti removal process also washes off a layer of the protective coating. But how does anti graffiti paint work if it is not permanent you ask? Well, you simply need to reapply the sacrificial clear coat barrier on previously painted surfaces after 1-2 washes. As for where you can use this coating, it is the ideal choice for porous surfaces.

Permanent Coatings/ Non Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coating

Just as the name suggests, a permanent anti graffiti coating is a one-time application of a protective coating. This option also prevents graffiti from adhering to the surface of the clear coat, making for a gentle and easy removal of any spray paint. But unlike sacrificial coatings, the ideal permanent anti graffiti coating can resist most solvents that are used to remove oil-based and water-based graffiti from painted surfaces. A popular choice for graffiti prone areas, this permanent option is the ideal coating for non-porous surfaces.

Choose The Right One: Does Anti Graffiti Paint Work For Me?

While permanent coatings are generally more expensive than sacrificial coatings, choosing the right coating the first time around will make it a worthwhile investment. If you live in or own a business in an area frequently tagged by vandals, a permanent coating may be the less time-consuming option as it requires less maintenance. However, be aware that applying a coat of the first anti graffiti paint you come across is not a good solution. You may find that some coatings can dry down to a milky film, even if they are marketed as having a clear finish.

The end result is your walls looking worse than they did before, leaving a cloudy or amber residue that alters the look and colour of your pre-painted walls. Without proper experience with anti graffiti products, you might ruin the exterior of your building by using the wrong coating. So back to the original question: does anti graffiti paint work? In the right hands of an expert painter, it certainly does. Before you take another step, consider consulting a professional painting service like ours to ask which type of protective coating is best for your walls. Elite Painting provides advice that is backed by years of industry experience, so reach out to one of our friendly team members today.

Enlist An Expert Painter

While you could do the anti graffiti job yourself, you could end up with unsightly results if you approach the task without prior industry experience. Our team of residential and commercial painters are fully equipped and trained to provide an expert finish every time. We provide an exceptional service that is widely regarded by returning clients in Perth, Mandurah, and the South West. And for your peace of mind, we use only Dulux paint to ensure that each high-quality finish is an investment that will last. As a West Australian owned company that specialises in commercial and residential painting, our handiwork delivers quality results at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team of professional painters for an obligation-free quote today.