Do anti-graffiti paint coatings work?

In short, absolutely. It’s a popular choice for many local communities, private property owners, and business owners affected by graffiti vandalism across WA. According to Crime Stoppers WA, this widespread petty crime costs the West Australian economy over $25 million a year. That is a lot of savings to sink into graffiti removal. And while removing graffiti helps to restore the image of a neighbourhood or shop front, repeating graffiti vandals or their pals often keep coming back. As you can’t always get to remove the graffiti as quickly as it reappears, it leaves a negative impression on prospective customers, clients, and neighbours.

So what else can you do about it? Well, besides reporting to your local council, Crime Stoppers WA, or the Goodbye Graffiti hotline, you can use protective coatings on your surfaces while waiting for the authorities to take action. Using anti-graffiti paint coatings makes for easy removal of graffiti on most surfaces. It can save you from having to repaint your walls completely, as regularly washing off of graffiti can also remove the paint underneath. Whether it’s your shop front, fences, murals, or other property you want to protect, this protective coating helps keep your surfaces looking their best. So keep reading to learn all about anti-graffiti paint coatings and to decide which is the right one for you.

How do anti-graffiti paint coatings work?

These protective coatings make graffiti removal a more sustainable and easy task. After the anti-graffiti paint coatings have dried down, they form a clear coat barrier made of polymer or acrylic. These paint coatings are known for being highly effective at preventing graffiti from adhering to or seeping into the pores of most surfaces. This means that you can easily wash off any spray paint, pencil, or any other type of graffiti from your painted surfaces simply using a wet soft-bristled brush, or a high pressure washer (1200 psi) if you have one on hand. If you choose a sacrificial coating that washes off during the removal process, a repeat application is easy and can be done in no time. These budget-friendly protective surfaces are quickly gaining popularity here in WA.

Differences between Sacrificial and Non-sacrificial 

Just as their names suggest, the different types of protective coatings have different uses. Sacrificial coatings only work for 1-2 rounds of the graffiti removal process. They are washed off along with any vandalism that you are trying to get rid of. Once they are removed, another sacrificial anti-graffiti paint coating will need to be applied. On the other hand, you will not have to reapply non-sacrificial coatings. These permanent coatings can withstand most chemicals or solvents that the graffiti or graffiti remover is made of, staying put when you wash the surface. The non-sacrificial option also helps stop graffiti from bonding to the surface of the protective coating. This makes the removal process a lot easier and faster.

How much does anti-graffiti paint coating cost?

The costs for either choice will vary depending on how much surface the paint has to cover and how many times you will be washing off graffiti. Anyone who has been affected by graffiti vandalism will know that the unsightly appearance of spray paint or other damage is an expensive inconvenience. Businesses and private property owners spend a lot of time and money removing unattractive images and scribbles from their walls. So think about how much time you will have to spend removing graffiti in your area, what your budget for graffiti prevention is, and go from there. If you are unsure which protective coating will suit the surfaces you have, or if you want some advice on protective coatings and graffiti removal processes, get in touch with us for professional advice and an obligation-free quote.

Where can I apply anti-graffiti paint coatings?

Sacrificial anti graffiti coatings are an ideal choice for porous surfaces like limestone, brickwork, and concrete. This anti-graffiti paint coating option is fairly unnoticeable when applied to most surfaces.  It can be a good solution for commercial property owners in new industrial areas where the chances of vandalism are lower.

Permanent anti graffiti paint coatings work best on non-porous surfaces. This coating leaves a glossy or wet look on surfaces after application. It is more suited to surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, and wood, and commercial signage out the front of buildings. However, it can still be applied to concrete and brick walls as the protective effect will remain the same. For commercial business owners near high traffic areas and public transport lines where graffiti is more likely to occur, the non-sacrificial coating may be a more suitable long-term option.

This being said, either of these protective coatings can be applied to make graffiti removal easier and quicker. Property owners should consider what the surface, budget, and frequency of graffiti vandalism in the area are. Whilst a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating has a higher investment tag, it is a better long-term investment in protecting your exterior surfaces and making your building feel safe, professional, and welcoming. However, if you are no expecting to make repeated graffiti removals, then opt for the sacrificial anti graffiti coating. Anti-graffiti paint coatings can be applied to the following:

  • Any exterior painted surface including walls and fencing
  • Structures made of plastic and metal such as commercial signage
  • Playground equipment
  • Wooden benches & tables found in spaces seen by customers & staff
  • Heritage-listed buildings, both commercial and residential
  • Storefronts
  • Murals or wall art

If you don’t remove graffiti from any unprotected surfaces immediately, your beautiful exteriors will need more time and work to be restored. So draw up a budget and think about whether you will have to clean graffiti off your walls more than once.

Hire A Professional Painter For Best Results

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