Factors to consider when painting a commercial or construction space

Whether your commercial offices are in need of an update, or your industrial warehouse or construction facility needs painting, Elite Painting offers construction and commercial painting services that are unmatched in Perth. No job is too big or small for Elite Painting services, and we pride ourselves in making your commercial property look and feel like new.

Construction Painting Factors to consider:

When deciding whether or not to paint your offices, commercial building, factory, or warehouse there are a few factors to consider:

Scale of the project

Knowing the scale of the project is the first step in the preparation process. Questions your qualified, professional painter will ask is:

  • What is the size of the commercial or construction property needing to be painted?
  • How many levels or buildings does the property have?
  • Do you require exterior painting, interior painting, or both?
  • What kind of access is required? Is there need for specialised scaffolding, safety gear, or expertise for the job?

Job requirements

You will need to decide which walls and surfaces will need to be painted. Will you require exterior and interior walls to be painted, and if so do any of them need a specific kind of paint or coating applied?  Will you need concrete flooring to be painted or any other flooring surface? Do you require any walls to be prepped or cleaned beforehand?


A very important factor to decide before going ahead with a commercial or construction painting project is to confirm the budget. What has your Manager or Boss signed off on, and is the budget realistic for the job requirements?

Colour and Finish

Choosing the correct colour and finish of the commercial or industrial property needing to be painted is very important as it will leave customers and clients with a lasting impression. Are the colours you are choosing in line with your corporate branding? Are you considering practicality as well as aesthetics when choosing the colours and finishes?

Elite Painting specialists will be able to advise you as to the best products available to get the look and feel you want, within your budget.

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