Colour trends don’t apply solely to fashion and makeup. They are also very much applicable when it comes to interior design and the construction industry, particularly in commercial painting. Of course, colours of a commercial establishment like an office or a restaurant is mainly dependent on the personal preferences of the owner. But if you want to evoke certain moods or simply be known as an up-to-date brand, following colour trends can be helpful.

How Do Trends in Painting Emerge?

When it comes to lifestyle and fashion, the most well-known name is perhaps Pantone. The company has come up with truly iconic choices like the 2016 duo of Rose Quartz and Serenity or 2018’s Ultraviolet. For 2020, the colour of the year is Classic Blue. This “comforting and relatable” shade will surely make a lot of appearances in clothes, makeup, and accessories. However, it’s also a great colour to use in interior design.

When it comes to construction and design, NeoCon, one of the leading and biggest commercial design conferences in the world, leads the way for colour trends. Here, colour palette announcements are made by some of the most well-known brands like Behr Paint and PPG. For 2020 in particular, Behr Paint unveiled its colour trends palette that’s composed of 15 colours. The company calls it “a balanced mix of grounding shades, energising bright colour, deep accent hues, and atmospheric pastels.” They classified the trends into three categories: Worldhood, which features soft warm tones; Restore, with a dominance of cool and pale blues and greens; and Atmospheric, with its muted greys.

Meanwhile, PPG declared their 2020 Colour of the Year to be Chinese Porcelain. Reminiscent of the blue-and-white pottery that gained popularity during the Tang Dynasty, Chinese Porcelain is a “cobalt, moody” shade of inky blue. According to PPG, choosing a colour that can help inspire calmness and restfulness was inspired by the fast-paced modern world that’s become heavily anchored to technology.

Trends for Commercial Painting in 2020

Commercial painting trends are leaning toward earthy colours like greys and greens, with a hint of soft peach and apricot for a burst of warmth. Whites like bone, mist, oatmeal, and cream are also predicted to be popular in Australia for 2020. Of course, these colours shouldn’t be limited to the walls. Consider applying them to the ceilings, floors, or even the doors, as well as some pieces of furniture or accessories.

For building exteriors, “greige” or the result of the marriage of grey and beige continue to be popular. This is because a lot of buildings are limited by council laws or are required to follow brand colours. But if you don’t have such restrictions in place, you can follow any trend you like. Just make sure to avoid too bold or bright colours that can cause distracting or overpowering reflections. A good tip is to get a paint sample card, put it against the wall, and see how the light bounces off the colour. Usually, paint shades can look different on screen or printed on paper when compared with the output once it’s put on the wall.

Commercial painting can have a huge effect on a business. Colours can set the mood, make a brand iconic, and create a more distinct persona for a company. By keeping up with the latest commercial painting colour trends, you can be sure that your own business can more easily stay relevant and recognisable.