Budgeting for a professional painter

A quick Google search asking “how much do professional painters charge?” will no doubt present you with a variety of answers. This is because each painter can quote a different amount as they use their own formula to estimate the cost of a project. In this article, we briefly discuss a number of things to consider when budgeting for a residential painter.

The average cost to paint a house

Each painting company will have their own way of calculating the overall cost of a project. The best way to get an accurate number is to approach each company directly for a custom quote. 

On average, 4×2 house walls cost around $2,500 to $3,000 to apply 2 coats of Dulux premium paint. For new homes that require an oil based sealer binder and Dulux Wash ‘n Wear top coats, prices start from $3,500 for an average 4×2 house.

While the average hourly rate to hire a painter in Australia ranges between $35 to $45 in an 8 hour work day, the experience of the painter, the difficulty level of the job, and materials required will affect the overall cost. 

How painters estimate the cost of a painting project

Just as the size of the walls, surfaces, and decorations vary in each home, so does the pricing of each job. There are a number of things painters take into account when calculating the total cost of each painting project:

  • How big the room or surface is
  • Whether the structure of the building affects the difficulty level of the job
  • How many rooms need to be painted
  • What kind of paint and type of coatings are used
  • How many layers of paint are required
  • Whether the walls been painted before
  • How many decorative elements there are (e.g. window trims and door frames)
  • How much preparation work needs to be completed (e.g. removal of old paint or graffiti, cleaning of walls)
  • How many painters will be required per job, per hour

As you can see, instead of simply asking a company “how much do professional painters charge?” it is a better idea to ask for a cost breakdown to see exactly what you are being charged for. And while it is easier to simply hire a painting service closest to your home, it can save you a lot of time and money to do a bit of research and weigh your options before commiting. 

Does the quote reflect their qualifications?

Anyone can give themselves the title of a painter but not everyone is qualified or adequately experienced. In Western Australia, licensed or registered painters are those who have had specialised training so their work meets industry standards. Their license allows them to take on jobs costing over $1000, so it may be worth checking to see if a painter you are thinking to hire is registered with the WA Building Commission Painters Registration Board.

When you are further checking to see the expertise of the painter you might be hiring, ask to see their previous work, about their insurance coverage, the brands of paint they use, and how much time and manpower they expect to spend on a project so you can plan ahead.

Here at Elite Painting, all of our experienced painters are registered with the WA Building Commission Painters Registration Board. 

Potential out of pocket expenses

If you have already purchased, or are planning to purchase, specific types of paint for your painting project, make sure the painter you hire is aware of this decision. This is so you can plan and discuss with your painter the best course of action to take. Your painter might recommend a different type of paint or recommend products to better seal and protect the paint from the weather and deterioration. 

Your painter might notice that your walls require some repair work or cleaning before they can give it a fresh coat of paint, likely delaying the project. Such an instance could potentially incur some out of pocket expenses, so communicate clearly with your painter and prepare for unforeseen circumstances. 

Finding the right painter

Taking the time to seek out the best painter for your project will provide a peace of mind as you can expect the highest standard results and services. Our experienced team of painters in Perth and Mandurah are committed to providing you with exceptional commercial painting services at competitive prices each and every time. We can provide a custom painting quote without obligations, giving you a clear idea of the costs before you commit to working with us. Get in touch and speak to a professional today.