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5 Hiring Tips When Looking for a Painter in Perth

12/09/2019 By Mike Cotterill
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If you’re looking to refresh or improve the look of your home without resorting to major renovations, then one thing you can do is to give it a new coat of paint. A fresh paint job will not only cover up any aging spots or imperfections, but it will also make your home’s appearance livelier and more welcoming thanks to the new paint’s vivid colours and full hues. 

With that said, you should look into a professional painting service to give your home the new paint job it needs. By doing so, you ensure that the results will turn out just the way you wanted it, thanks to the expertise and years of experience that only a team of painting experts can bring to the fore. 

The only obstacle in your way here is finding the best painters Perth WA has to offer. With how robust the painting and decorating service industry is nowadays, it’s going to be challenging for you to find a team of painters in Perth that you can trust. 

To help you with this regard, here are the five best hiring tips that are guaranteed to score you the most qualified Perth painters for the job.

Plan everything out first.

Before even going out to scout for your team of professional painters, look at your house and plan out exactly how its new paint job is going to look. Get to a firm decision as to which parts of your home is going to be painted in what colour. By having all of this planned out in advance, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of professional painting team you need, and what kind of cost you may be dealing with when all is said and done. Also, having everything on paper will allow you to show prospective painting teams exactly what you want to be done, and see if they think they can deliver on it or not.

Get multiple and detailed estimates of your home’s proposed paint job

A key part of the hiring process is canvassing for the best price and value that you can get for what you want. This means collecting detailed cost estimates from the teams you’ve shortlisted to hire. Of course, you should never go for the cheapest, especially if they undercut the average by a large margin since that’s a possible sign of subpar service. On the other hand, a premium price tag won’t necessarily guarantee the best service either, as some painting companies deliberately overprice themselves as part of their “appeal.” The bottom line is to canvass for prices first and never go for the first one you get.

Check on their reputation online.

Another vital part of narrowing down your painting team choices is to check out the recent customer feedback that they’ve been getting. Look at their social media accounts or search their name in the many service review sites on the internet. This will give you an eyeful of what their customers are saying about them and if they were left satisfied with your prospective team’s performance or not. As always, take all reviews with a grain of salt, whether positive or negative. With that said, if there seems to be something common with either the compliments or the criticisms, then they should factor into your hiring decision.

Ask for references and interview them. 

Besides browsing their online reviews, it’s also important to visit your prospective hire and ask for references for you to interview and check out. Online reviews can easily be faked or manipulated. It is integral for your hiring process to interview their past clients face to face and be there to inspect their past work. 

If their past clients are pleased with your potential hire’s performance, then these clients will be more than happy to convince you to go with them. But if not, then you’ll most likely hear a very detailed report of what they did wrong and how they went about it. You can easily avoid hiring an unprofessional and untrustworthy team by carrying out this hiring tip.

Always request for a detailed and up-to-date contract.

Once you’ve selected and hired your team of professional painters, you should make things official by requesting for an official contract. Everything should be outlined on that contract—everyone’s names and personal details, all the tasks that they’ve agreed to do, the total price tag and other expenses that you’ve agreed on, and so on. 

Never agree or assume anything unless it’s on the contract, such as if your painting team will clean up your property after their job is done. While this may seem cold, heartless, or even untrusting of your painting team at first, demanding that everything be in the contract first ensures that all the parties concerned are on the same page, with no surprises or assumptions. By doing this, you avoid a lot of confusion and wasted time in the long run.

Hiring the right professional painter for your home can guarantee the best results

Don’t mess around when it comes to hiring your home’s professional painting service. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll be able to pick a team of expert painters that will give your home the excellent, picture-perfect paint job that it needs.