Looking for the right painters in Perth for your project? In our two-part guide, we are sharing expert insights on how you can find a local painter who will deliver quality services to help you get the job done well. 

Following on from Part 1 : The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Painter in Perth where we have discussed topics: 

  1. Who are the best painters in Perth
  2. What you should ask your painting contractor before works commence
  3. How to tell that you are choosing a quality Perth painter
  4. What are the benefits of hiring a professional painter
  5. What is the best time of year to paint

And in this article we’ll be covering the following topics: 

  1. What should I do to prepare for the painter before they arrive?
  2. There are so many colours to choose from, how do I pick?
  3. How much does it cost to hire a residential painter?
  4. What’s the difference between Residential & Commercial painting?
  5. How to keep your paint looking fresh?


6. What should I do to prepare for the painter before they arrive?

If you have hired a professional painter, make sure you ask them if they require you to do anything before the job. Preparations will differ depending on the services your painter offers and what they will be painting. 

Typically, you should:

  • Remove items from walls, such as picture frames, if the walls are being painted.
  • Remove any ornaments or decorative items such as rugs and curtains that may get in the way of the painters.
  • Clear out cupboards and cabinets if these are being painted.
  • Unplug and remove any electrical cords that might get in the way.
  • Make access as easy as possible so that the job can be done more efficiently.
  • Move furniture into the centre of the room for indoor jobs.
  • Trim plants and greenery out of the way for exterior jobs.
  • Notify your painter if you require the painting to be done in a certain order (i.e. one room before another).
  • Check with your painter if you are required to clean the surface or fix any damages such as rotting wood, rusting metal or infestations.
  • Vacate the area and keep kids and pets away from the workspace to minimise accidents and increase efficiency. If it’s convenient, you may prefer to leave the site while the job is being completed.

7. There are so many colours to choose from, how do I pick?

Making a decision about the right colour or shade for your project can be overwhelming. To simplify the task, at Elite we offer a Colour Consultancy service to our clients. Our fully qualified Interior Decorator can give expert advice on choosing colours which will help make your space sing. In some cases you’ll also be able to test sample house painting colours on your walls to give you an idea of the final result.

professional residential painterprofessional residential painterIf you don’t have access to professional advice, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your paint colour:

  • Do your research. Find examples of looks you like and see how particular paint colours have been used to achieve the effect.
  • How much natural light does the room get? Bright rooms look good with cool whites and neutrals while you can use warmer whites to brighten up rooms that don’t get as much light.
  • If unsure, go with matt, neutral colours over bright, vibrant hues. You can always add more colour and texture through your decor.
  • Decide on warm vs cool. Warm colours such as yellow, red and orange will draw attention to the room. Cool colours like blue and green will feel softer and make the room feel more open.
  • Light vs dark tones. Light tones can help make a space feel larger and darker tones can make a space feel sophisticated.

8. How much does it cost to hire a residential painter? 

The cost of hiring residential painters in Perth will vary depending on the size of the job, the quality of the products used and the amount of preparation work required, such as removing old paint or cleaning walls. Painting window trims or other decorative elements in the home will increase the cost as these will need to be painted by hand.

On average, for interior house painting with two coats of premium paint it will cost around $20-$30 per square metre. For jobs that require more preparation and trim work or multiple colours, the quote might be higher. To paint the interior walls of a house, you can expect to pay anywhere between$3000 – $5000 AUD. To paint the exterior timber walls or brickwork of your home, you can expect to pay upwards of $5000. To get a tailored, obligation free quote based on your needs, get in touch with the team at Elite. We consider all the costs of your project upfront so that you know what it’s going to cost before the job starts.

9. What’s the difference between Residential & Commercial painting? 

Commercial painting involves painting for commercial projects and can cover a wide range of facilities from restaurants and factories to hotels and residential complexes. Residential painting is for houses, both inside and outside. Residential paint jobs are generally smaller scale projects than commercial paint jobs, meaning commercial jobs tend to be more expensive and require larger resources to complete than residential jobs.

At Elite, we specialise in both residential and commercial painting services. Residential painting may involve drywall and overcoat painting, ceiling painting, fixing cracks, painting decking and fences etc. Commercial painting may involve more specialised services to meet the specific needs of the business. At Elite, our commercial services include removing graffiti, applying hard-wearing floor paint, meeting schedules and deadlines to accommodate for business in the premises and scalable painting solutions for small and large projects.

10. How to keep your paint looking fresh?

A professional paint job can transform a space, making it look new and fresh. However, even when you’re careful to look after your painted surfaces, life will bring wear and tear. It’s important to know how to care for your painted surfaces and avoid them looking tired and old before they should. Basic paint upkeep can help keep your paint looking fresher for longer.

If your paint gets scuffs and scratches from daily activities, try and clean or fix them as soon as you notice them. Keep your eye on high traffic areas as these tend to get the most wear and tear. Run your hand over the scuff marks. If the surface is smooth, a simple wet sponge might do the job. If it needs a deeper clean, add a small amount of dishwashing detergent to a damp sponge. If the surface is rough, it indicates the scratch has gone through the paint. In these cases you may need to smooth the area with sandpaper and apply a new coat of paint to the affected area.

One of the things that causes paint to fade quickly is intense sunlight. Investing in curtains, shades or tinted windows can help reduce the intensity of the sunlight and help your paint maintain its colour for longer. However, the best way to avoid fading paint is to invest in high quality paint at the outset. At Elite, we only use the best quality paint to give you a paint job that will stand the test of time. If you need a quote for a residential or commercial paint project, give us a call today to see what we can do for you.